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Manufacturers Representatives


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iSG continues a legacy of serving others.  Established in 2001, iSG has grown in sales every year, with sales over $200M. We help manufacturers expand into new markets to maximize profits and minimize risks. As our clients seek to build strong relationships with customers, they also need to streamline their sales force to manage costs. iSG can help your company navigate these changes in today’s shifting global marketplace without the larger burden of an expanded internal sales force.

iSG goes beyond traditional sales approaches to help its clients succeed. We look for opportunities to enhance customer loyalty, expand sales channels, and create beneficial areas of profitability. We match customers to suppliers, people to products, and principals to profits. As your partner, iSG will help you achieve sales effectiveness, profitable growth, and financial strength.



Detroit Sales Office
101 S. Main St, Suite 110, Rochester, Michigan 48307

(248) 370-9000

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