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We have a knack for getting face time with tough to reach people. We focus our efforts on understanding our customers’ issues, needs and strategic direction, and work with integrity and perseverance to match our client capabilities with clearly defined projects and opportunities that their needs create. People are busy. We use innovative ways of getting onto decision makers schedules and then clearly communicate the key messages. It works! We utilize time with these key customers without wasting their time. They respect us for this approach, and often it helps make the difference in closing a deal.


With our extensive network of relationships, we close the gap to reaching your customer. We work with those relationships to maximize your company’s image and opportunity for future business. We build relationships with CEO’s, VP’s, Directors, Managers and many on the front lines in purchasing, engineering, and quality. Building relationships at all levels and getting through to the decision makers is something we do very well.



iSG goes beyond the “quick sale” to create long term strategic solutions to help our clients succeed in the global marketplace over time. We facilitate JV’s, Alliances, Partnerships and other strategic relationships to help meet the ever changing needs of our customers and expand their reach.